November 9, 2018

Many a zoo guest has delighted in watching the river otters swim, frolic and play as they glide effortlessly through the water.  They look so friendly and cuddly.  While it’s true, they have a lot of personality, beware to those who get too close. Their teeth and claws are wicked sharp and they know how to use them.  When it comes to mating, it’s not always love at first sight.  Dating can be kind of rough, even brutal....

October 14, 2018

Did you ever have that one pet that was the one? Your soulmate? Of course, we all have.

Well then, it is probably not hard to imagine the connections that zookeepers, staff and volunteers make with the animals in their charge. It may be surprising though the ones that capture our hearts the most.

Of course, lions are majestic, monkeys are fun and pandas look cuddly. But it’s not just the “charismatic” animals that tug on the hea...

September 2, 2018

The saying goes “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Well, what about old apes?

Rocket, 36, and Suzy, 39, came to the Pueblo Zoo in 2001 and are getting up there in ape years; but that doesn’t mean they don’t continue to learn.

While training can be fun, amusing and rewarding, animal care staff are doing much more than teaching “tricks.” All animal training at the zoo has a purpose -- to teach behaviors that will help staff...

December 4, 2017

Let's face it, monkeys are fascinating to watch. Playful, dexterous and intelligent, one can't help but marvel at how many similarities we

have with our cousin species.

At the Pueblo Zoo, guests spend hours watching the family of five squirrel monkeys jump, swing, eat, mimic, play and do some things better not put in print. Filbert, Pistachio, Brazil (all nuts), Damian and Isabel are a delight to watch, if not a bit messy to car...

November 6, 2017

Why Did the Spider Cross the Road?

To get to the other side. Right?  Yes, but specifically, probably to get to a potential love interest on the other side.  Every year, when the leaves start to change colors, in late August and September, mature males aged 8 to 10 years old, set out on the quest they have been building up to their entire lives – to find a mate. This is the highlight of their life and also the end. Once they mat...

October 1, 2017

Barney needs a pedicure. Or does he? The most frequent comments about Barney, the Pueblo Zoo's resident Malayan sun bear, are about his impressive claws.

Fashionistas may want to get their hands on those long, long nails, but they actually serve several purposes.

Sun bears' long sharp nails are curved and their legs are turned inward, which makes the sun bear very well adapted to climbing trees. Their feet are exceptionally larg...

September 9, 2017

A Native American myth about the creation of the owl tells the story of how it was not always so “wise as an owl”.  As the Everything-Maker was busy creating other animals, the owl kept pestering him about the physical characteristics he desired. Finally, the Maker got fed up with his insistence and interruptions. He shook the Owl which made his eyes widen in fright. “I have made your eyes big, the better to see,” the Creator...

No baby shower, announcement or even a baby bump. Plus, Dad had moved out months earlier. So imagine the surprise of zookeepers when little joey made his appearance at the Pueblo Zoo!

While this may catch humans off guard a little, the reproductive process of kangaroos is quite unique and fascinating. The process is constant and adaptable to conditions, which helps ensure the survival of the species.

 Photo: Pueblo Chieftain / C...

July 2, 2017

Although the word "porcupine" means "quill pig" in Latin, porcupines are actually large rodents and have no relation to pigs. Different types of porcupines can be found around the world, each one adapted for their region.

The African crested porcupine is a doozy. It is the largest of all porcupines and its uniquely designed quills make for a spectacular sight.

Photo: Vikki Graston 

Though quills are porcupines' signature defense,...

When it comes to hierarchy, the lemur species goes against the norm of male dominance found in most species. In the lemur world, girls rule and families reign supreme.

Lemur hierarchy is well defined, with an alpha female acting as the leader and all females outranking any males.

When sorting out mating rights, male ring-tailed lemurs compete for females in an interesting, if not slightly disgusting way: They have stink fights!...

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