Mission: Monkeys:

Your support will provide a home for the Pueblo Zoo’s newest residents: the De Brazza’s monkeys. You’ll also add critical quarantine space to house animals while they are introduced to the zoo or when they must be separated for medical care.


The Impact:

  • Saving Species  - dynamic and expressive animals like monkeys tell  important conservation stories

  • Improved Animal Care - quarantine space will streamline care and introduction processes

  • Economic Benefit - New exhibits increase visitation and tourism, while construction creates jobs

  • Enhanced Education - De Brazza’s monkeys will be the first Old World monkeys to call the zoo home


Exhibit Features:

  • Habitat for up to six monkeys - exhibit space will be plentiful, allowing for future births

  • Dynamic design - controlled access between exhibits will allow us to rotate dogs and monkeys from one exhibit to the other 

  • Optimal viewing area - this new exhibit will meet the high standard set by our African dog, meerkat, and porcupine exhibits using glass and net

  • Two separate quarantine areas - ensure animals have space needed for proper care as they join our zoo family or undergo medical treatment


De Brazza's Monkeys Fast Facts

  • Diet: Mostly fruit, some leaves and insects

  • Weight: Males 15lbs; Females 9lbs

  • Lifespan: Wild unknown; Zoos up to 30 years

  • Habitat: Wetland forests in Central Africa from Cameroon to Angola to Ethiopia

  • Status: Common in their range, but they face threats from habitat loss and illegal pet trade


The Goal: $420,000 is needed to bring the monkeys.

World-class exhibits honor our guests and animals. They create richer experiences, leaving lasting connections with our animals.  Those experiences inspire caring and conservation action.



$160,000 - Exhibit construction 

$88,000 - Exhibit netting

$20,000 - Exhibit propping and enrichment

$90,000 - Quarantine construction

$25,000 - Quarantine barriers

$37,000 - Contingency


$420,000 TOTAL


How you can help:

1) Champion the monkeys by spreading the word

2) Invite others to get involved

3) Invest with a gift today!


Join the mission

Contact Lillian Dypold at 719-561-1452 x 127 or ldypold@pueblozoo.org

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