Enrichment Day is Saturday October 13!

Learn about the Zoo’s animal enrichment program and fill out an event passport at special activity stations to win prizes!


Saturday, October 13, 2018, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.



This event will be fun for adults and kids of all ages!



Enrichment Day special activities are just $2 in addition to admission, or donation of approved items!

When visiting a zoo, have you ever wondered why there are giant whiffle balls in some exhibits, or empty cardboard boxes in with the pigs?  It’s not trash. It’s enrichment. Come to the event to learn how these items keep animals stimulated and improve quality of life!


Get in on the fun with:

  • crafts (Bring in your recyclable items in to use in crafts!)

  • keeper talks

  • animal presentation

  • demonstrations

  • games


Enrichment Day Schedule

9:00 am | Zoo opens 
10:00 am | Booths Open 
11:00 am | Squirrel Monkey enrichment demonstration and talk
11:30 am | Contact Area enrichment
12:00 pm | Sun Bear enrichment
1:00 pm   | Lynx Enrichment 
1:30 pm | Otter Feeding and Keeper Talk
2:00 pm | Booths close 


Approved items:



Dried fruit




Pillow cases

Cupcake pan

Perfume/ body spray



Wind chimes

Milk crates

Bird decoys

Working Keyboard

Plastic Mirrors

Kong’s (varies sizes)

Whiffle balls

Sports balls (Footballs, soft balls, tennis, ect)

Herbs (to plant)

Bird Feeders



Rope (all natural preferably)

Fake Grass (Astroturf)

CD player

CDs of nature sounds

Plastic Storage bins (varies sizes)

TV (still working)

DVDs (nature and cartoons are best)

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