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Friday Zoo School is a partnership between Pueblo Zoo and Colorado Agribusiness and Equine Sciences Academy.

Friday Zoo School employs experiential learning and exploration through activities to provide a well-rounded knowledge of the world’s habitats, the organisms that live within them, the cycles of life involved, and the efforts of the Pueblo Zoo and others worldwide are doing to contribute to the conservation of our beautiful planet.


The program takes place during the traditional school year at the Pueblo Zoo. The students in this program are active the majority of the day and are outside, enjoying and exploring the zoo’s campus each day of the program.

Friday Zoo School is a tuition-free program supplementing the homeschool curriculum with classroom and hands-on experiences, leadership development, and exploring a variety of careers in the field. We have age-appropriate options for children ages 5-12 or in grades K-5.


Pueblo Zoo’s mission, to empower people to engage in the conservation of animals and their habitats, is integrated into Friday Zoo School. Pueblo Zoo is committed to offering all students the ability to learn and grow by encouraging students to find an appreciation for our environment and all those who inhabit it.


Check out the 2022-23 sample curriculum to learn more about lessons learned at Friday Zoo School. 


Click HERE for more information about our partner, Colorado Agribusiness & Equine Sciences Academy. 



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