Pituophis melanoleucus

Range: SW Canada, western half of United States, to northern Mexico. Sea level to above 9,000 ft.

Habitat: Prairie – both plains and grasslands

Conservation status: least concern


  • • Class: Reptilia; Order: Squamata; Family: Colubridae
    • Also called Gopher Snake
    • Large, non-venomous snake: may exceed 6 feet in length; males are larger than females
    • Diurnal
    • Can climb and burrow
    • Upon provocation, will mimic a rattlesnake by coiling up, vibrating its tail, flattening its head, and hissing.
    • Mate in spring – lay 3- 18 eggs in sandy soil or under large rocks or logs
    • Incubation is about 70 days; hatchlings are 12-18 inches long and can eat a small mouse
    • May live 10 to 14 years in captivity.
    • Constrictors: Diet consists of rodents, rabbits, ground nesting birds and their eggs, lizards, and other snakes
    • Farmers love to have bull snakes around to control rodent populations.

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