Bos taurus

• Class: Mammalia; Order: Artiodactyla; Family: Bovidae
• Domesticated


  • Dexter Cattle

    • The smallest of the European cattle breeds (half the size of the traditional Hereford), the Dexter was imported to the United States from Ireland in 1912 and is considered the "ideal family cow".
    • Cows weigh between 550-700 lbs and bulls up to 1,100 lbs
    • Most are solid black in color. Red or dun are less common.
    • Dual purpose cattle (meat and milk) kept mostly by small farmers and homesteaders
    • Hardy; thrive in hot as well as cold climates – need a windbreak, shelter, and water
    • Do well on rough grazing
    Scotch Highland Cattle

    • Ancient Scottish breed of beef cattle
    • Imported to the U.S. from Scotland in the 2nd half of the 19th century.
    • Hardy cattle with long horns; can survive the harsh winters beause of its shaggy coat.
    • Graze and browse and eat plants many other cattle avoid.
    • Meat is leaner than most beef, as they get their insulation from their thick, shaggy, coats rather than from subcutaneous fat.
    • A group of Highland cattle is a FOLD, not a HER
    Texas Longhorn

    • A breed of cattle known for its characteristic horns, which can extend to 48 inches tip to tip for steers and 70-80 inches for exceptional bulls and cows
    • Descended from hardy Spanish cattle,
    • Can thrive where no other cattle could exist – can subsist on weeds, cactus, and brush.
    • Have good survival instincts – can find food and shelter during harsh weather.
    • Other breeds, such as Herefords and Angus that put on weight more quickly, became prized by modern ranchers.
    • Pueblo Zoo is located on land that once was part of the Goodnight Ranch – Charles Goodnight blazed over 2,000 miles of cattle trails from Texas to Colorado to Wyoming. Between 1866 and 1884, over 5 million Longhorn cattle were driven along these trails.

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