Masticophis flagellum

Range: Throughout the southern U.S. from coast to coast and in northern Mexico

Habitat: Open grassland, but can be found in lightly forested areas

Conservation status: least concern

Coachwhip Snake

  • • Class: Reptilia; Order: Squamata; Family: Colubridae
    • There are many sub-species and color phases.
    • Very tolerant of drought and heat so are active during the day even in deserts.
    • This snake moves with great speed in the wild as it retreats to the branches of bushes.
    • Very aggressive in its own defense and will readily bite if caught.
    • Uses the "grab and bite" method of capturing prey. Have good eyesight.
    • Diet consists of small mammals, birds and their eggs, lizards, snakes, insects and carrion.

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