Saguinus oedipus

Range: Amazon rainforest and Colombia

Habitat: Tropical forest edges and secondary forests

Conservation status: Critically endangered

Cotton-topped Tamarin

  • • Class: Mammalia Order: Primates Family: Callitrichidae
    • Small New World arboreal monkey possessing claws on all digits except their big toes, which have broad flat toenails.
    • Has white hairs from forehead to nape flow over the shoulders. Lacks facial hair.
    • Lower canines are longer than incisors so it appears to have tusks.
    • Great leapers, both on the ground and in trees.
    • Threats: habitat destruction, pet trade, biomedical research
    • Diurnal (active during the day)
    • Travel in family groups of 3 to 9. The adult male transports the usual two youngsters, except during feeding times.
    • Tails, which are not prehensile, make up about 60% of their total body length. Tails are used primarily for balancing in arboreal lifestyle.
    • Diet consists of fruits, insects, spiders, tree buds, and leaves, and occasionally small vertebrates such as frogs.

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