Equus grevyi

Range: N. Kenya and small area in Ethiopia

Habitat: Grassy plains

Conservation Status: Endangered

Grevy's Zebra

  • • Largest of all Zebras; stripes are narrow and close set, no stripes on the belly
    • Ears are large, rounded and conical
    • Mane is tall and erect; Juveniles have mane down the length of their back
    • Feed mainly on grasses but will also eat fruit, shrubs and bark
    • Considered endangered due to hunting for the skin
    • Suffers habitat destruction, human disturbances at water holes and competition with other grazing animals
    • Small groups of animals associate for short periods
    • Adult males spend most of their time alone; territory is marked by dung piles
    • Female will mate only with the resident male; give birth to a single offspring

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