Equus przewskii

Range: Desolate desert country along the border of Mongolia and Sinkiang in central Asia.


Conservation status: Critically endangered. Once extinct in the wild. Reintroduced in 2005, they were reintroduced from Zoo populations. There are now about 250 in the wild, and 1,500 worldwide.

Przewalski Horse

  • • Class: Mammalia; Order: Perissodactyla; Family: Equidae
    • The last of the true wild horses. Also known as Asian or Mongolian wild horse. Have a stocky build, between 4-5 feet shoulder height, 7-9 feet head to rump length, weigh around 500-600 pounds
    • Males are larger than females.
    • Body color is mainly orangish-brown. Have a brush-like mane, tail, and lower legs blackish; muzzle whitish. There is a seasonal changing of coat: lighter in summer, heavier in winter.
    • Mares ready for mating around age 3-5 years, stallions a year or so later.
    • Gestation period of about 11 months average. Most foals are born in late spring or early summer.
    • In the wild, they live in small herds: the stallion, the master and protector, with several mares and the foals he sired. Male offspring are chased away when about age 3; females stay longer until eventually they are led or chased away.
    • Life span in captivity is up to about age 30.
    • Diet consists mostly of hay and some grain in captivity. Tough desert plants in the wild.

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