Equus asinus

Range: Africa and Asia

Habitat: Arid semi-desert plains

Conservation status: Least concern.

Sardinian DONKEY

  • • Class: Mammalia; Order: Perissodactyla; Family: Equidae
    • The donkey is a domesticated wild ass.
    • Its voice is a roaring "hee-haw" bray.
    • Survives well on very coarse vegetation.
    • Extremely hardy under rough conditions.
    • Donkeys are used for riding and as beasts of burden.
    • Their flesh has been eaten on occasion.
    • The milk of the she-ass is highly nutritious as it contains more sugars and less cheesy material than that of a cow. In the past, it was more valued as medicine than food, which may be why Cleopatra bathed in it.
    • It was once believed that hair cut from the black cross on the shoulders prevented fits and convulsions, if hung in a bag around a child's neck.
    • One legend has it that this was the kind of donkey Jesus rode into Jerusalum and that Mary rode to Bethlehem -- hence, the cross on the back.

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