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Bad Friends Merchandise

If you like the TV series Bad Friends, then you may want to purchase some of the merch that you see on the show. This popular comedy is known for making viewers laugh, and you can even buy toys and drinking mugs. If you want to show your love for the show, you can buy Bad Friends phone cases and drinking mugs. These merch items are made by a popular company called Brutally Hip.

You're real friends are the worst ones

You might have friends who always try to one-up you or always put you down. This type of behavior is destructive in any friendship and wears you down. Friendships should evolve naturally, not be rushed into ending them. People who take advantage of others have no interest in their friendships. They may just want to be popular and be taken advantage of by others. You may want to think about how much you really value your friendship before you let go of it.



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