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Here are some strategies to help you clear the NEET PG Exam

  • Decide what type of study schedule works best for you and keep to it. You can easily devote 8–10 hours each day to your studies, but keep in mind that quality always wins out over quantity.

  • When studying, don't use too many resources. It's good to consult multiple books for complex and high-yielding themes, but keep in mind that your time is limited. It's fine to limit yourself to one or two books for each subject, as long as your notions are clear.

  • If you have any uncertainties, seek assistance from your classmates, professors, or other outside sources like Neet PG Preparation App or Neet PG Previous Year Question Paper.

  • As you read for the first time, jot down some quick notes. These will come in handy during the cooking process.

  • As you go, practise and revise. When you're finished with a subject, you can always try subject-based tests. To retain what you have read, I recommend creating a weekly or fortnightly revision timetable.

Doctor Bhatia

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