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Evangelion ANIMA light novel

The Evangelion ANIMA visual book was announced in an issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine in June 2010. Although it was originally scheduled to release on July 24, the manga was delayed until August 11th. The visual novel depicts a future reminiscent of the anime's alternate timeline. The plot revolves around the development of a new type of Evangelion called Armaros. The book features new versions of Evangelion units and the monstrous Armaros unit.

ANIMA was formerly known as Neon Genesis EVANGELION (3 Years After) ANIMA, but was later shortened to Evangelion ANIMA. It was serialized in Dengeki Hobby magazine from 2008 until 2013. While the manga is marketed as Ikuto Yamashita's work, the illustrations and coloring are by Hiroyuki Utatane and Ryou Ramiya.

Evangelion branded Japanese currency

Evangelion fans will be happy to know that the 2020 Japan 7-Piece Evangelion Set has been minted. It is another example of Evangelion-branded Japanese currency. Although Evangelion is an anime that portrays a dystopian future, the anime was still incredibly popular and has resulted in a wide variety of branded products, including the official Evangelion branded Japanese currency.

In addition to being available in Japan, fans will be able to purchase Evangelion branded merchandise online and in stores. Evangelion has its own Yahoo! shop in Tokyo, which sells a wide variety of products, including branded Japanese currency. The store also offers a decent range of merchandise, including Evangelion branded Japanese currency and handmade t-shirts. For fans of both the original anime and the newest adaptation, you can find a t-shirt that features the character Eva.



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