Property Theft from Motor Vehicles in City Parks

July 3, 2013

The City of Pueblo Parks and Recreation Department and its contracted facilities would like to make the public aware of an ongoing problem within the parks' parking areas. Vehicles are being damaged and burglarized while left unattended in the parking lots at parks throughout Pueblo. These incidents have been crimes of opportunity where personal valuables have been stored in plain sight within the vehicle and have been stolen in a smash-and-grab manner.


The Parks and Recreation Department will be intensifying patrols through the hardest hit areas with park rangers and community volunteers in an effort to reduce and/or eliminate the ongoing vehicle burglaries. The Parks and Recreation Department would like its citizens to do their part by taking the following precautions when attending events or programs in one of the City's parks or facilities.

1. Lock vehicles and roll up windows2. When possible, leave desirable items at home3. Store valuables out of sight or in the cargo area4. When possible, park your vehicle in a conspicuous area5. If you witness a crime, try to get as much identifying information as possible including: height, weight, ethnicity, clothing, vehicle type, license number, tattoos, and other personal characteristics.




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