Cats. Cats! Cats?

December 25, 2013

Cats are cats are cats, right? Wrong!

Most of us are familiar with your everyday domesticated cats that many of us have lounging on our couches and in our window sills. And then there are the “cats” the Pueblo  Zoo are proud to introduce this winter. 


Anya and Belka, wild, crazy-looking sibling Pallas Cats are moving into the side of Monkey Mountain.  The sisters were born at the Red River Zoo in Fargo in 2010. Anya (pictured) is waking up from her slumber during her physical yesterday with Pueblo Zoo's veterinarian and animal care staff. 


Then there are the Ringtail Cats, Pippin (male) and Pixie (female), which are actually not really cats, but rather of the raccoon family.  They are moving into the “Woods”.


Both sets of cats will be on exhibit after they have passed their quarantine period so stay tuned here to find out when you can check them out!


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