Maned Wolf pups are one year old

February 24, 2014

My how time flies. Our maned wolf “Pepper Trio”, Serrano, Tepin and Anaheim, were born a year ago on February 23, 2013.


Being the first of only two successful litters in the entire United States in 2013, our maned wolf family soon attracted international attention. The Brazilian conservation team of Rogerio Cunha de Paula and Adriano Gambariniflew in to Pueblo in April, 2013 to photograph our little pack for their upcoming book about maned wolves.


Their book, “Stories of a Gold Wolf” which features photos of the Pueblo Zoo’s entire maned wolf family, was launched in December in Brazil.  The book will be launched tentatively this spring in the United States. The Pueblo Zoo is proud to partner with their efforts through "Friends of the Maned Wolf", a global campaign to raise awareness about conservation of the largest South American wild canid.


More information: Original blog about birth of the pups:!Maned-Wolf-pups-born-at-Pueblo-Zoo/cdhr/63BDD299-EE51-4D8F-9C4A-A6052CE6E523


The father Meek was on the cover of one of the most prestigious Brazilian conservation magazines:,0,0,921787,O+Sobrevivente.aspx


Brazilian TV interview which shows some of the photos of our pups:

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