Spring Into Summer!

May 2, 2014

There is no doubt that spring is in the air at the Pueblo Zoo. Whether you think of spring as the season of rebirth and renewal or if you think of spring as the verb indicating giant jumps or movements upward or forward. Whatever your definition…it is happening at your Pueblo Zoo.


If you’re like me, you’ve been eagerly watching our Facebook page or new website for the current news and photos of the many recent additions to our Zoo family. We’ve already welcomed five lambs in the Pioneer Ranch. Our young ringtailed lemur, Nova, had her first offspring – a male born on Valentine’s Day! And, of course, there’s our most recent additions – three new North American river otter pups. We hope you’ll continue to join us in monitoring the growth of these delightful babies both by visiting us regularly and watching our social media updates. Much like our own children…they grow up way too quickly. And this is just the beginning! We’ll have plenty of goat kids, piglets, and chicks in the Ranch and have our fingers crossed for babies from some of your other favorite animals at the Pueblo Zoo. Stay tuned.


The additions to the Pueblo Zoo family have not been limited to these adorable and exciting new young ones. We’ve also welcomed two new species to the Zoo in the past two months. Adjacent to our red panda exhibit you will find our two Pallas cats…but you’ll have to work hard to see them as they literally hide in plain sight. The staff and I have had a great time interacting with visitors and offering them clues as to where they are “hidden.” Come on out and give your skills of observation a whirl! And while you’re here, be sure to visit our two ringtails; you’ll find them in the very first exhibit in The Woods at the Zoo entrance.


We are moving forward with some exciting plans that will make your experience at the Zoo that much better. Be watching for fun new programs and interactive opportunities this summer, including some fun ideas we have planned in the Ranch (p. 6-7) as well as at the site of our planned African painted dog and monkey exhibits. The exhibits won’t be open until the summers of 2015 and 2016 but we hope to get our community more engaged as we design, construct and open those exciting new exhibits. So, be sure to check through the coming months to learn about progress and ways you can get involved as we bring these new animals to our community.


It’s been wonderful seeing so many of you here this spring…and we can’t wait to see you all here this summer. Read on to learn more about our exciting plans for new activities and fun here at your Pueblo Zoo.


- Stephanie Stowell

Executive Director

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