Up Close & Personal - Summer Experience

May 6, 2014

Coloradoans are privileged to have not just one, but three AZA-accredited zoos in this state. Being accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums means that visitors can be assured that the animals in our stewardship receive the highest level of care and that our facilities are safe for our visitors. Beyond that, each of these three fine zoos offers a very different experience and feel. Here, at the Pueblo Zoo, our niche is “Up Close and Personal.” We consistently hear compliments on how visitor-friendly our zoo is – guests are able to get much closer views of the animals than at many zoos which adds a sense of adventure and intimacy; keepers and staff often take the time to talk to visitors; the paths are very flat and easy to navigate making it a very comfortable, safe visit for all visitors from toddlers to grandparents. In short, visitors often leave with a sense that they had an up close and personal experience which helps them connect to their zoo.


More Contact and More Play!

In 2014, we are taking “Up Close and Personal” to a new level by adding more interactive activities.


• Feedings - In addition to our ever-popular daily otter and penguin feedings, we are adding a daily afternoon feeding of the maned wolves.


• Keeper Talks – Our zookeepers will be out in force sharing their expertise and insider knowledge of all of our residents. Each day of the week will focus on a different animal area so visitors can pick their favorite or make the rounds to all by the end of the summer.


• Animal Tales – We are happy to partner with the Pueblo City-County Libraries on a weekly story time at our newest space - “The Den” - perfectly suited for cozy story time.


• Animal Encounters – Touch and learn more about some of our animal ambassadors. • Conservation Carts – On any given day you may happen upon a roving ambassador pushing around a classroom on wheels. Stop, talk, touch and learn!


• Pioneer Cabin Activities – In addition to our current feeding area in the Ranch, we will open access to the Pioneer Cabin yard area where kids may pet a goat or miniature horse or who knows…


• Pioneer Playtime at the Ranch Amphitheater - Children will find hands-on play activities, such as putting on costumes and ‘performing’ on the ranch amphitheater stage.


• BBQ Sunday at Victoria’s – April – August. Nothing says summer like the fresh smell of BBQ. Victoria’s at the Safari Café will host a BBQ the last Sunday of each month.


• The Dogs are Coming… African painted dogs and Old World monkeys will be coming in 2015 & 2016 to the southwest corner of the Zoo (by the Safari Café and the lion exhibit). Keep your eye on that construction area for fun activities and the latest news. 

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