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March 3, 2018




In 2015, you helped us open the African painted dog exhibit—the first new exhibit in more than seven years! Since then, you have gotten to know Hunter and Minzi, as well as their porcupine and meerkat neighbors. Now, we’re ready to bring the De Brazza’s monkeys. We’ll also build two indoor holding areas to improve animal care and allow for future growth. Your support today will allow us to break ground in April.


De Brazza’s monkeys are unmistakable. Their bright orange brows, expressive eyes and long white beards set them apart. In the early morning, you’ll find them foraging the floor of their new exhibit. By afternoon, you may find them moving through branches high above you. From the whooping gibbons to the leaping lemurs, primates are some of the most popular animals at the zoo. We cannot wait to bring you more of what you love!


New and dynamic exhibits are more than a physical space. They are integral to our mission to empower people to engage in conservation of animals. And the stakes are high. Many iconic animals will be extinct within a generation without action. With the addition of new, compelling exhibits like this one, our zoo will make a difference. You will help inspire the next generation of conservation leaders and generate action.  


The De Brazza’s monkey exhibit will have capacity for six monkeys, allowing for future births. The viewing areas will meet the high standard set by the African dog exhibit. Glass panels will bring you face to face with the monkeys. Cable netting and low fences will provide up-close angles on daily animal training. Behind the scenes, zookeepers will be able to safely transfer the dogs and monkeys from one exhibit to the other. Imagine how the dogs might react to the fresh scent of monkeys!  The indoor holding areas on the rear of the building will be critical to animal care. They will provide a temporary home for animals recovering from veterinary care or joining our zoo family. 


The monkeys are ready, the designs are done, all we need is you. Your donation today will allow us to break ground in early April, opening the exhibit in June. Please join me in building the future here at the Pueblo Zoo. 


With gratitude, 


Abigail Krause, Executive Director


P.S. Ready to join Mission: Monkeys? Create your own fundraising page or start a fundraising team at give.pueblozoo.org

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Our mission is to empower people to engage in conservation of animals and their natural habitat.