This teen will inspire you. Meet Gage.

March 15, 2018



A few weeks ago, we shared our plans for the De Brazza's monkeys exhibit with our volunteers.


The next day Gage (pictured above) was ready to go. He came in to the volunteer room, grabbed some primate bio-facts and some glossy fact sheets and went to work. He spent his entire volunteer shift at the future site of the De Brazza's monkey exhibit educating guests about their unique characteristics, evolution and adaptations. This was without any prompting by zoo staff!


We know that this new exhibit will inspire because young volunteers like Gage are already excited. The zoo is where many children have their first encounters with wild animals.


Donations to the Mission: Monkeys campaign will allow the Pueblo Zoo to build a new exhibit for De Brazza's monkeys in 2018. New exhibits and dynamic animals fuel excitement and passion in our youngest visitors. Gage's favorite Mission: Monkeys fact is that zookeepers will be able to switch the monkeys and dogs from one exhibit to the other as a form of enrichment. Imagine how the dogs might react to the fresh scent of monkeys! You can join supporters like Gage at

Gage Dillon is a graduate of the 2017 Zoo ALIVE program. Zoo ALIVE engages 7th-10th graders in leadership development through real experiences in animal care, training, research, and outreach. Gage has been volunteering regularly for nearly a year and is well on his way to reaching the 100-hour milestone. Be sure to say hello to Gage when you see him on zoo grounds.


Do you know a teen like Gage? Encourage them to apply to the 2018 ZooALIVE program. 





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