Mission: Monkeys Enters Final Stage

July 27, 2018

With the De Brazza's monkey exhibit open, Mission: Monkeys is entering its final phase. This will include the construction of two new quarantine spaces to improve animal care across the zoo.  The new quarantine facilities will be added to the rear of the De Brazza's monkey and African painted dog care building. They will utilize existing outdoor holding and will allow the zoo to introduce new animals to these exhibits without risking sedation across zoo grounds. 


But what is quarantine? How is it used? and Why is it needed?


Quarantine areas allow zoos to bring in new animals, are critical to managing successful breeding, and provide safe spaces for animals to recover from veterinary procedures. They are unique from other areas of the zoo because they have completely separate water, ventilation, food dishes, keeper tools, and even their own dedicated zookeeper. This prevents new animals from potentially spreading an illness to other zoo animals. Quarantine areas must meet the varying needs of all of our collection animals - everything from a red panda, to a small swift fox, to a powerful African painted dog. 


The need. 


The Pueblo Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, which means we are held to the highest standards in animal care. AZA standards are always advancing. These new quarantine areas will allow the zoo to maintain AZA accreditation and continue to bring in new animals well into the future. New quarantine spaces have not been added in 20 years. Yet, our zoo has grown substantially in that time. These new facilities are needed now. 


Your impact. 


You can be a part of the final phase of Mission: Monkeys by donating at give.pueblozoo.org. 


All donors who have contributed $250 or more to the campaign will receive permanent recognition near the African painted dog and De Brazza's monkey exhibits. 




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