5 Reasons to get to the zoo this winter

January 7, 2019


The winter is a great time to head to the zoo, and we’re not lion. The Pueblo Zoo is open year-round, and sure, the summer is the busy season. But what are you missing in those cooler, even chilly winter months?


1. Frigid temps? They’re a reason to frolic for many animals!

Many of the Pueblo Zoo’s animal residents are much more active in cooler weather. From the pallas cats to the porcupines, you’re more likely to see some very animated animals when the temperature dips down. Snowy day? Animals like the otters LOVE to play in the snow, just like you!



Photo: Christopher May


2. You can see even more.

There are loads of beautiful deciduous trees and shrubbery throughout the Pueblo Zoo. That also means that those plants all drop their leaves in the fall! While those trees and bushes are resting through the winter, their empty branches give you an even broader view into many exhibits! 

 Photo: Mike Byers


3. You will spend more time to explore indoor exhibits

The Pueblo Zoo has large, landscaped grounds that many people and families love to explore during the summer. The winter months give you the opportunity to focus more on some of our indoor exhibits. Have you ever taken the time to watch the naked mole rats interacting with one another? Or learned what makes them so unique? What about finding our hanging parrots in World of Color? There are animals and exhibits throughout the zoo that you may never have noticed during your visits in warmer seasons!

Photo: Christopher May


4. You’ve got the place to yourself

Spring and summer can get crazy with family vacations, field trips, and tourists coming through the Pueblo Zoo. The winter is a great time to explore the zoo at your own pace! You’ll have more time to watch the animals you love, and because there are fewer people, you may even see different behaviors.

Photo: Adam Davidson 


5. Even your wallet wins in the winter season

By visiting between December 1 – February 28, you’ll save on admission with seasonal pricing. When are you planning your winter visit?

CHILD (3-12) - $7

YOUTH (13-17) - $8

ADULT (18-64) - $9

SENIOR (65+) - $8

Children under three years old are free.



*Must show active ID. Pricing applies to all in group.


See full visitor info here!


 Photo: Christopher May


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