Become a proud supporter of a Pueblo Zoo animal today! By adopting an animal, you help to feed and care for that animal, while also supporting education and conservation programs at the zoo. 

Choose the level that is right for you:​





  • Adoption certificate

  • Animal fact sheet

  • Professional animal photo

  • Gift message (optional)

  • Free shipping


  • Adoption certificate

  • Animal fact sheet

  • Professional animal photo

  • Gift message (optional)​

  • Free shipping

  • Premium animal plush

  • Two Pueblo Zoo tickets


  • Adoption certificate

  • Animal fact sheet

  • Professional animal photo

  • Gift message (optional)​

  • Free shipping

  • Premium animal plush

Adoption program animals: River otter, Red panda, African painted dog, African lion, African penguin, Ring-tailed lemur 

Frequently Asked Questions


How quickly will my Adopt package arrive?

Adopt packages usually arrive within 10 business days. Please let us know if you have a rush situation and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Is my Adoption a tax-deductible gift?

The $65 Guardian and $125 Protector levels are both fully tax-deductible. The $30 Advocate level does not qualify for a tax deduction but does support the animals you love. 


Can you tell me more about the plush animal I will receive?

The plush animals are high-quality 12″ plush. They are great for gift giving! Yes, the plush animal will be the same animal as your Adopt.


Does the animal actually belong to me?

Your adoption is symbolic, but it directly supports the care of the animal you adopt. 


Will anyone else get to adopt this animal?

Yes. It takes the support of more than one adoption to feed and care for an animal all year. 


Can I name my Adopted animal?

All our zoo residents already have names. We will include the animal's name in your adoption package whenever possible. 

May I Adopt onsite at the Zoo?

No. All adoptions must be completed online, over the phone or by mail. The package will be shipped to you or the gift recipient. 


How long does my adoption last?Each adoption lasts for one year. When your year is up, you may renew your adoption online, over the phone or by mail. Our animal family would love to have your continued support.


Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Please contact us at or 719-561-1452 ext. 127. 

Thank you to our current Adoptive Parents!


Animal Protectors

The Mark Pittman Family - Ringtail Lemur (May 2019)

Lana Barger - Red panda (July 2019)

Gabby Myers - African Painted Dog (July 2019)

Charles Marcovecchio - African Penguin (Sept 2019)

Danielle Lily Myers - Red pandas (Nov 2019)


Animal Guardians

Lucy Story - North American River Otter (Oct 2019)

Elisa Story - Ringtailed Lemur (Oct 2019)

Debbie Flores - Red Panda (Dec 2019)

Thomas Mellow - African Penguin (Dec 2019)

Gabe Mellow - African Lion (Dec 2019)

Brandy Mellow - African Painted Dog (Dec 2019)

Susan Gornick - Red Panda (Jan 2020)

Erin Robertson - Red Panda (March 2020)

Kari Czarnota - North American River Otter (April 2020)

Animal Advocates

Grace McCann - African Painted Dog (Aug 2019)

Zack Thorson - African Painted Dog (Oct 2019)

Brax Thorson - African Penguin (Oct 2019)

Neil Austin III - African Penguin (Dec 2019)

Noah Clark - North American River Otter (Dec 2019)

Cali Finn - African Penguin (Dec 2019)

Meredith Roberts - Red Panda (February 2020)

Cora Lee Pierce - Ringtailed Lemur (April 2020)

Zane, Zarek, Arabelle & Zaidus Skubal - African Painted Dog (April 2020)

Mason Bregar -  African Penguin (April 2020)

Kennedy McClure - African Penguin (April 2020)

Steve & Pamela Cordova - African Painted Dog (April 2020)

Alexandra Jayne Pepin - North American River Otter (April 2020)


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