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 2024 Zoo Summer Camps
Registration Open February 20

Pueblo Zoo Summer Camp is the wildest way to spend the summer! Kids will enjoy a full range of Pueblo Zoo Summer Camp activities, and learn about our new animals, find out about local critters in the wild, and explore our zoo. 


Summer Camps include:

280+ animals

Zoo hikes

Animal and nature crafts

Meet some of the zoo's animals up close and personal!

Special camp gear JUST FOR CAMPERS!

Meal options available


$240 non-members

$230 members


Each class runs 9:00am - 4:00pm


$40.00- Purchase for the whole week (not available day

by day) Sorry, no substitutions for allergies or preferences

You can also purchase a lunch for your camper on

Pizza Fridays. 

That cost can be added to your registration but is included

when purchasing the whole week of camp lunches for $40.00. 


Have questions?  Click here more information



June 10-14
Animal Tales -
Grades 1st-2nd

Children will explore animals in classic literature - from Peter Rabbit to Charlotte's Web - and learn about those same animals at the zoo. This ends with a Zoosical Musical, Friday, June 14th 


June 10-14
Art in Nature - Grades 3rd-4th

Young artists will explore the art at the zoo, learn to draw animals and even watch animals make their own art! For both beginning and more advanced artists , campers will be inspired by the amazing wildlife at the Pueblo Zoo. This ends with a Zoosical Musical, Friday, June 14th 


June 17-21
Animal Senses - Grades 1st-2nd

How do animals experience the world? Campers will investigate all of the ways different species see, hear, smell, feel, and taste their environment.

Image by Mary Hinton

June 17-21
All About Herps - Grades 3rd-4th

Calling all snake lovers and frog fans, this camp is for kids interested in learning more about reptiles and amphibians. Cold-blooded, but not cold-hearted, come meet the Herps at the Pueblo Zoo!

Image by Vaibhav Pixels

June 24-28
Diggin' Dinosaurs - Grades 1st-2nd

Learn all about dinosaurs at this camp and find out which of our animals most resemble their ancient relatives. We will make plaster of paris "fossils", explore artifacts, and discover what the prehistoric world looked like in Colorado.

Image by Frank Kroeger

June 24-28 
Diggin' Dinosaurs II- Grades 3rd-4th

Discover prehistoric Colorado and beyond. We will explore the Age of Dinosaurs, including how it began, the many different forms of dinosaurs and dinosaur-related animals - plesiosaurs, mosasaurs, ichthyosaurs, and pterosaurs - that roamed the Earth, and the theories about how it ended. Can you dig it?!


July 8-12
All About Birds - Grades 3rd-4th

Explore the wonderful world of birds on our Audubon Trail. Learn bird identification techniques and particpate in a real citizen science project in this camp that focuses on our fine, feathered friends.


July 8-12
Vet Science - Grades 5th-6th

For children interested in zoo medicine, this camp will go behind the scenes to meet the veterinarian that takes care of our animals. Children will learn about preventative care and regular exams that all zoo animals receive in order to stay healthy.


July 15-19
Life on the Farm - Grades 1st-2nd

Animals provide us with warm fibers, milk, eggs, and labor. Come explore the domestic animals - sheep, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, and cattle - that share a home with the other wildlife at the Pueblo Zoo.

Image by Thomas Morse

July 15-19 
Colorado Biomes - Grades 3rd-4th

The great state of Colorado includes many diverse biomes, from deserts to grasslands and forests. Campers will learn to identify native species while keeping a journal of the plants and animals of Pueblo Co.


July 22-26 
Grasslands and Herbivores - Grades 1st-2nd

The Great Plains are home to numerous herbivores that depend on the endless sea of grass for food and habitat. Campers will meet the grass-eaters from the lowly grasshopper to the might Bison, our National Mammal. 


July 22-26 
Apex Predators - Grades 5th-6th

Every food chain ends with an Apex Predator. Campers will learn how important these animals are to maintaining balance in the ecosystem and the challenges they face in finding food and capturing it for their survival.

Image by Rashid

July 29 - August 2
Arthropods - Grades 1st-2nd

Arthropods make up 85% of all life and represent some of the most fascinating creatures on Earth. Campers will investigate Entomology and the many ways arthropods benefit people.


July 29 - August 2
Mammals of the World - Grades 3rd-4th

Because of their fur and warm-blooded metabolism, mammals have come to occupy every continent on Earth. Come explore this fascinating class of animal and visit some of our most iconic mammals, including the Red Panda and the African Painted Dogs. This camp is great to pair with All About Birds which is offered the first week of July.

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