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Thank you for a fun 2023 Camp Season 

Pueblo Zoo Summer Camp is the wildest way to spend the summer! Kids will enjoy a full range of Pueblo Zoo Summer Camp activities, and learn about our new animals, find out about local critters in the wild, and explore our Plant. Grow. Fly. garden. 


Summer Camps include:

400+ animals

Zoo hikes

Animal and nature crafts

Meet some of the zoo's animals up close and personal!

Special camp gear JUST FOR CAMPERS!

Meal options available



Members receive a 5% discount. 


The deadline for applications is MARCH 27, 2023.

Recipients will be notified by April 3, 2023.


Each class runs 9:00am - 4:00pm



We will be offering pre and post-camp care! 

You can drop your camper off as early as 8:00 am and 

pick up as late as 5:00 pm. 

You may choose just the morning care or just the afternoon

care or both. Each session is $50.00 per week.

If you choose to add the camp care cost to your registration

for both sessions, $100 will be added to the total. a


$30.00- Purchase for the whole week (not available day

by day) Sorry, no substitutions for allergies or preferences

You can also purchase a lunch for your camper on

Pizza Fridays. 

That cost can be added to your registration but is included

when purchasing the whole week of camp lunches for $30.00. 


Have questions?  Click here more information.


1st-3rd Grades

Rock dove.jpg

In My Own Backyard

June 5-9

Learn about animals that use urban settings as their homes, including your backyard!

Garbage Recycling

Climate Change- What can I do ?

June 12-15

We'll spend this 4-day week learning some short lessons about climate change, what our community is doing to contribute to the solution, and how you can help!

Hurricane Map

There's a Storm a Brewin'

June 19-23

We've heard of tornadoes and hurricanes but how do they occur? We'll study these and other weather-related phenomena and their effects on plants, animals, and habitats. 


What's for dinner?

June 26-30

Zoos and other related facilities place a great deal of importance on animal health, including diet. We'll learn about the different types of eaters and what food is best (and not) for our zoo animals and your pets too!

Image by Paul Bill

Mythical Creatures

July 10-14

So many of the stories we read and watch involve animals that look similar to ones we see in real life, but they often have special powers or something that is fantastic about them. From unicorns to sasquatch, we'll be talking about which zoo animals are most like the mythical ones, the origins of these stories, and create some of our own.

Bridge over a River

Rivers to Oceans

July 17-21

Let's follow the Arkansas River on its journey to the Mississippi and beyond! What animals and plants will we find along the way? Join us on a journey to the sea. 

Magnifying Glass

Zoo Detectives in Training

July 24-28

This week we'll be using our sleuthing skills to solve all kinds of zoo-related mysteries! Animal evidence, conservation work, and pet trade will be investigated.

School Field Trip

When I Grow Up

July 31- Aug 4 

Who works in zoos and other conservation-related fields? This week we'll meet a new person every day and learn about what they do at their job and how they got there. 

4th-6th Grades

Image by Diana Roberts

Beyond My Backyard

June 5-9

To kick off the camp season, we'll be focusing on animals and plants that are endangered right here in Colorado. What careers help these plants and animals? Let's learn about Colorado conservation this week!

Organic Garden

What IS Climate Change?

June 12-15

This 4-day camp week is dedicated to figuring out what climate change is, who is trying educate about it, and what I can do now and in the future to help any negative effects it may have on plants, animals, and humans. 

Flood in settlements

Power of Nature

June 19-23

Weather can sometimes be destructive which affects animals, people, and landscapes. We'll learn about vulnerable areas of the world, inventions for helping the effects of powerful storms, and much more. 

Image by Daniel Olaleye

Animal Nutrition

June 26-30

What do zoos feed their animals? How MUCH do zoos feed some animals? Where does the food come from? What about my pets? Do they have special nutritional needs too? These and many other questions will be discussed this week. 

Image by Laura Chouette

Animal Tales

July 10-14

Learn how animals have been used to tell stories in cultural and folk tales, nursery rhymes, stories about specific zoo animals, and more. Participants will have the opportunity to craft their own stories about our Pueblo Zoo animal residents. 

Image by Manuel Meurisse

Journey to the Sea

 July 17-21

Pueblo certainly isn't close to an ocean but somehow our habits and communities may contribute to wildlife challenges along the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. Learn how we're more connected to faraway communities than we realize.

Image by Mediamodifier

Pueblo Zoo Mysteries

July 24-28

Mysteries abound in the animal world! Each day our detectives will be given a new case to solve. Bring your best sleuthing frame of mind for a week of clues and adventure!

Happy Zookeeper

All Hands on Deck

July 31-Aug 4

What exactly does it take to run a zoo? Can a person get training to help them work at a zoo or aquarium? From horticulturalists to graphic designers, there are many people who contribute to the success of running a zoo. Find out all about this last week of summer camp.

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