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Small actions make big impacts


Pueblo Zoo is committed to helping endangered species through focusing our efforts on supporting groups who help these three threatened species.



Alarmed by lemurs’ spiraling decline, the Lemur Conservation Foundation was incorporated a nonprofit in 1996. This includes a nine-acre forested lemur enclosure on land in Myakka City, Florida.


World Parrot trust transparent.png

The world Parrot Trust works to help

 parrots survive in the wild,
and flourish in companion care. Sponsor Bush Camp for 30 children


Bison conservation logo.jpg

For millennia, American bison herds roamed the Great Plains by the millions – until overhunting drove them nearly to extinction. A unique partnership has returned this native icon to the shortgrass prairie of northern Colorado.


Conservation Collection 

Your purchases make a difference!

When you purchase products with this symbol from the Pueblo Zoo Gift Shop, the Pueblo Zoo will contribute 2% of the revenue to programs that are making a difference.



AZA SAFE was founded in 2016 to coordinate existing conservation efforts of zoos and to foster and develop new action plans. Pueblo Zoo was a founding member. In 2019, AZA SAFE coordinated efforts to save twenty-five endangered species and helped AZA zoos direct $231,000,000 to field conservation. Our continued annual goal for this program is $2,000.

AZA SAFE African Penguin Project. Over the past 100 years, African penguin populations have declined 98%, largely due to the loss of guano historically used to form natural, protective nests. In 2017, only 27 natural guano nests were observed in two South African Penguin colonies. In 2018, AZA SAFE, funded by partners like the Pueblo Zoo, installed 200 innovative artificial nest boxes. By the end of breeding season, 80% had eggs in them and 56% led to a successful chick. In 2019, the AZA African Penguin SAFE team was able to return and install 600 more nests! Our annual goal for this program is $6,000.

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Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri

We participate in Seafood Watch - a program designed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium to help people make better seafood choices for a healthy ocean.

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We will be exploring ways to improve our individual waste impact each month of 2024. Find articles, local resources, tips, and stories about creating new habits for a healing Earth.

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