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National Geographic defines prairie as stretches of flat grassland with moderate temperatures, moderate rainfall, and few trees.  Within this ecosystem an interesting group of animals live, breed, hunt, and pollinate the land around them.  Without their presence, Pueblo and many communities in the region, would be surrounded by a dustbowl that could not sustain life.

Native plants in Colorado are varied and figuring out how to garden with plants that are native to not only Colorado, but also to the specific region you reside in, can be challenging. There are several resources available to help you though.  

How does pollination work?  What happens when pollination and pollinators are in crisis?  

Test your prairie, pollinator, and plant knowledge with this Buzzfeed Quiz!  No matter what level of knowledge you have in these areas, you can start gardening easily and ethically through our Plant.Grow.Fly. program.  

Pollination, Prairie, and Pueblo 

Did you know Pueblo lies within the Central Shortgrass Prairie Ecoregion of the Great Plains?  This part of Colorado is underrespected with regard to its biodiversity and beauty.  YOU can bring respect to Pueblo and the surrounding areas by learning about the ecology and being a positive force for change and conservation.  

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