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Embracing Native Plants


Depending upon where you live, native plants may seem boring. Or messy. Or bland. The fact is, native plants are much less stressful on land and far more useful to pollinators than other plants that may strike you as aesthetically pleasing. 


Native plants are indigenous to a region. Over time, many non-native plants have made their way into our lives. The most common one is non-native grass. Many yards across America, are made up of grasses that are not native. Using native grasses, such as Blue Grama or Buffalograss, for your lawn saves you water and mowing time since they are drought tolerant and slow-growing.


There is a growing gardening population that is using native plants over non-native plants because they are choosing to garden for their habitat instead of for themselves. Being a steward for the environment can begin in your garden!


Colorado has fantastic resources for identifying and educating yourself about our lovely native plant options. You can find a wonderful list here, which offers alternatives to some non-native plants that you might currently use and like. The Colorado Native Plant Society and Colorado State University Extension Office are both great resources for introducing and expanding your native plant knowledge.  

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