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Voted #1 Best Place to Volunteer

Volunteers at the Pueblo Zoo are our most valuable asset. We need YOU to help us in all departments. Volunteering is a great way to meet new friends, gain valuable experience, and most importantly...HAVE FUN! 

All volunteers are asked to commit to at least 3 months of service. The Pueblo Zoo is highly dependent upon our volunteers’ dedication and professionalism. All volunteers must complete a release of information for a background check. A fee of $20 will be collected upon approved application, a full refund will be issued after 20 hours of service. Adult volunteers will receive an individual zoo membership after 40 hours of
volunteer service accumulated in a one-year period.


Due to strict animal husbandry guidelines and safety issues, there is no
contact or inside-exhibit work with the majority of the animals at the Pueblo Zoo.


Contact Nick -



There are extensive gardens at the Pueblo Zoo. Gardening Volunteers assist with planting new foliage, pulling weeds, trimming plants and applying mulch. This is a great group or family project (16 years & older).


The contact yard in the Pioneer Ranch is open year around from 10am - 12pm every day.  Volunteers will supervise the contact area to ensure all guests follow proper guidelines  when feeding contact area animals (16 years & older).


There is always plenty to do in the office at the Zoo. Office Volunteers enter data, make copies, file documents, prepare mailings and perform many other services that support the administrative functions of the Pueblo Zoo. Flexible scheduling and work-from-home options are a unique feature in this volunteer position. (16 years & older)


Special event volunteering is a fun and unique experience that happens at specific times to support staff members with a variety of educational and fundraising events throughout the year. Many events occur in evenings and on weekends including Zoofari, Senior Safari, ZooBoo, Brew at the Zoo, ElectriCritters, Enrichment Day, meetings, birthday parties and fundraisers. Special Event Volunteers assist with set up, attendee management, activity supervision, event photography and tear down. Special Event volunteerism will likely require some bending, lifting, walking and standing for extended periods of time. (minimum age depends on event)


Extremely dedicated volunteers to bring ElectriCritters to life. Mostly outside work, with a 6-7 week commitment from Oct - Thanksgiving.  Click HERE for a complete job description.


Welcomes and assists visitors in finding exhibits and special activities, sharing information about the daily schedule.  Maintains knowledge of zoo facilities, programs and animals. Is stationed on zoo grounds and actively contributes to a positive guest experience by seeking interaction with guests of all ages, communicating key messages regarding species information and conservation efforts.

Uses ambassador animals, biofacts (skins, pelts, skulls, insect specimens, etc.) and other teaching aids to engage visitors in dialogue. Assists with special zoo events at admissions, concessions, games, crafts and other activity areas. ​Represents Pueblo Zoo in a positive manner delivering exceptional customer service (For Juniors in high school or 16 y/o).

 Group Projects 

Projects may include painting, building, repairing specific animal exhibits or small buildings (age depends on project).


The Pueblo Zoo Veterinary Department will accept two kinds of volunteers, Professional Volunteers and Student Volunteers. Professional Volunteers are those community members that have expertise that will provide expanded services for the animals in the care of Pueblo Zoo. Community professionals interested in volunteering should contact the Veterinarian or the Vet Tech at 719-561-1452, ext: 117. A student interested in volunteer service in the Pueblo Zoo’s Veterinary Department must exhibit a true interest in pursuing a program in veterinary medicine or veterinary technician through a letter of intent. Letters of intent should be directed to the Pueblo Zoo Volunteer Coordinator, Nick - 

(18 years & older)


Docent Animal Education Volunteers provide formal presentations both on and off Zoo grounds. Additionally, Docents can serve as a resource in an informal booth environment at events held at the Zoo or at community organizations such as libraries, nursing homes and other locations. All of these encounters enrich learning experiences for Zoo guests and the greater community. Docent Animal Education Volunteers must complete basic training, attend animal handling training sessions, and shadow an Education Staff Member or experienced Docent Volunteer. 
(18 years & older)


Gift Shop Volunteers greet all visitors with a smile and friendly “welcome.” They assist visitors and answer questions about merchandise, the Zoo and Zoo animals. Volunteers carefully and properly use the gift shop cash register and credit card machine. They may re-stock inventory, clean, dust, vacuum and straighten merchandise on shelves. Gift Shop Volunteers should be prepared to work 4-5 hour shifts, and may have to lock the shop at the end of their shift. (16 years & older)

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