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Board of Directors


Our mission is to empower people to engage in conservation of animals and their natural habitat.

The Pueblo Zoo works locally and globally to create a better planet for the animals you love. The zoo is partnered with nonprofits from throughout the globe to support some of the Earth's most endangered animals.  Click on one of our partners below to learn about the organizations that help bring our mission to life! 


Lindsay Reeves ~ President

Kyle Aber
Leslie Barnes
Sandra Brill
Julie Budz
Amy Corsi
Collette Ferguson
Tressa Garza- Frazier
Anthony Gonzalez
Terri Kallish
Nick Knezevich
Cindy Lau

Quinn McNierny
Christopher Nelson
Vince Petkosek
Carol Rickman
Terrie Sajbel 
Bill Salagovic
Sadie Sanchez
Jacalyn Savage
Emily Vidmar
Carolyn Woempner

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