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Thank you for being a member and supporting the Pueblo Zoo!

As a member, you are now an ambassador and advocate for our organization.

We know we can depend on you to demonstrate exemplary behavior and respect for the zoo animals and property, staff, as well as other members and visitors!

FAQs & Policies

Why did you increase your prices? 

As the cost of everything increases, we must adjust our prices to match. Since 2021, the cost of animal food has increased by 13%, the cost of vet care has increased by 31%, and the cost of maintenance and repair of our zoo has increased by 48%. In order to compensate for rising costs, we needed to increase our pricing. Admission is not going up, but memberships did increase for 2024. We strive to provide membership pricing to where a membership for a family of 7 would pay for itself within 2 visits to the zoo. 

Does everyone in my membership receive a card?
To reduce plastic use, the Pueblo Zoo now offers digital cards for the named adults on your membership. Named adults must be at least 16 years old and possess a government-issued photo ID. When you sign up for a membership, you will receive an email with a link to the digital card which you can print or upload to your phone. You can request plastic cards for the named adults for $3 each.

Why do I need to show a photo ID and a digital card when I enter the zoo?

Pueblo Zoo is a non-profit organization, meaning that we rely on membership and admission revenue to feed and care for our animals. Showing your photo ID helps prevent misuse of your membership.

Can my children or unnamed guest(s) visit the zoo without me?
Children (17 & younger) and unnamed guests must enter the zoo with a named adult. 

Can my babysitter bring my children to the zoo without me?
In order for your babysitter to bring your children to the zoo, they must be one of the named adults on your membership and therefore must be at least 16 years old and possess a photo ID.

Can I use my membership for my child's school field trip? 

Member benefits and discounts are not available for educational programs. Parents who choose to accompany their child's school or organization field trip can use their membership for admission of the named adult, but not to cover the cost for the child required by the school or organization. 

Can I bring my service animal to the zoo?

We allow service animals in accordance with the law. Companion or emotional support animals do not qualify as service animals and are not protected under the ADA. Service animals must be trained to perform a specific task.  All service animals must be under the handlers' control, must have a harness, leash or other tether unless the handler's disability prohibits their use.  The handler may be asked to remove the service animal if it is disruptive, aggressive or not housebroken. 

Can I change the named adults on my membership after I have already signed up?
You are allowed one change to a named adult per year for a $10 fee. What other changes can I make to my membership after I have already signed up? The named adults on your membership can update the contact information (address, phone, or email) at any time. Other changes to the membership, like level upgrades and adding unnamed guests, are limited. 

Why did you change the EBT Membership discount? 

We at the Pueblo Zoo strive to provide an environment that represents our diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility initiative. As a nonprofit organization, our animals rely on your admission, membership, gift shop purchases, etc. For these reasons, we are no longer able to provide a heavily discounted membership for EBT cardholders. However, we are offering a $5 discount on memberships and our discounted admission rate of $3 per person, up to four people per EBT card  remains available. We thank you for your understanding and support of our animals and their wellbeing. 

Please note that, despite any changes, the original membership expiration date will remain the same.

How can I renew my membership?

There are three easy ways to renew:

1) at

2) by mail

3) at the front gate.


If a generous friend or family member wants to renew your membership as a gift, they can purchase a gift certificate in the amount of the desired membership at the front gate, or click the "Gift a Membership" button below.


Help us reduce paper use! You can renew up to one month in advance and avoid paper notices. You will not lose any time on your membership and the planet will thank you!


If I don’t use my membership, can I get a refund or give it to someone else?

Memberships are not refundable or transferable. We encourage you to explore all of the great benefits of membership!

For additional information contact Ambrey - 719-561-1452 ext 109 or
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