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Pueblo Zoo Nature Schools provide outdoor learning and conservation education using the beautiful setting of our 25-acre zoo grounds and our  amazing animals. Our teachers have training in childhood education and are either enrolled in teacher education programs or already graduated from one. We maintain a 10:1 ratio in all of our classrooms. The school day starts at 9am with a zoo walk and ends at 3pm with reflection time. Throughout the day, students learn conservation principles using art, science experiments, observation, and more.

Pueblo Zoo’s mission, to empower people to engage in the conservation of animals and their habitats, is integrated into Friday Zoo School. Pueblo Zoo is committed to offering all students the ability to learn and grow by encouraging students to find an appreciation for our environment and all those who inhabit it.

Thursday Zoo School

This program is funded by the Colorado Department of Education as part of its resources for homeschooling families. We offer two classes – Kindergarten – 2nd grade and 3rd – 5th grade, with room for 20 children in each class. Interested families can apply through the Colorado Agribusiness & Equine Sciences Academy website. Tuition is free for qualifying students. This is the same program that has been offered since the 2022/2023 school year on Fridays.

Friday Nature School

This is a new offering available to all families – public, private, and homeschooling – on Fridays from 9am – 3pm. We are offering one class only for students in grades Kindergarten – 5th grade with room for 20 children. Recognizing that public school children will want a break from academics, the emphasis for this program is outdoor life skills and nature appreciation. We will provide optional Homework Helper time as well for those students who want to get a jump on their assignments to leave the weekend open for family time. Tuition for this program is $600 for the Fall Semester (9/6/24-12/13/24; 14 sessions) and $750 for the Spring Semester (1/10/25-5/23/25; 19 sessions). Registration opening soon. For more information email -



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