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Drought? What drought?

What a difference a few months makes! Although this is welcome moisture for our gardens, lawns, and local agricultural communities, we humans still like to point out the bothersome things.

APRIL 2023 JUNE 2023

So. Many. Mosquitoes.

Many types of mosquitoes do not feed on blood but are in fact, pollinators. Additionally, mosquitoes serve as food for many other animals including bats, birds, salamanders, and frogs. So they do serve a purpose, but cause discomfort for others. It is ok to spray for mosquitoes when pollinator-appropriate solutions are available. The Xerces Society has numerous strategies for minimizing mosquitoes in your outdoor spaces while minimizing the use of aerosol-spread pesticides that put other pollinators, pets, and humans at risk. Try using natural repellents on your skin to avoid being bitten. Long sleeves and pant can be helpful too.

Here at the Pueblo Zoo we do our best to naturally deter mosquitos while maintaining the health of our grounds and animals. For example, planting citronella and other bug deterrent plants and removing standing water.

Home Improvements

Extra precipitation can inadvertently let homeowners know what maintenance should be done on their houses. Window wells, windows, doors, and roofs can all show signs of aging and wear by letting some of these big storms leak into areas we didn’t know were damaged. If weather systems continue to bring us hefty amounts of wind, rain, and hail, maybe we take a page from our neighbors to the southwest and their preparations for monsoon season.

Be Prepared

Pueblo Zoo summer campers have recently been learning about the wild side of the weather. If you or your kiddos have questions about what to do in case of a weather emergency, here are some great resources to help the whole family be prepared. Don't forget to prep for the four-legged members of your family. Having the whole family involved in emergency preparation can ensure everyone's safety.

We hope you enjoy the rain and the green that it has brought with it!


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