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Enrichment Donations and Wish List Items

Three ways to donate

To make a donation: Please email Gina at to arrange for a drop-off. Amazon purchases will ship directly to us. Please make sure to add a free gift message to your Amazon wishlist purchase so we know who it came from
and we can thank you!


 What kind of items do animals need? 


These items can be used as enrichment treats for animals.

Examples: cereal, honey, peanut butter, jellies, Kool Aide, Jell-o, dried fruit, coconuts, graham crackers, cheese sauce, spices, extracts, mustard- Food items must be unopened, and cannot be expired.



These items will help us care for our animals and can be used to make enrichment.

Examples: towels, blankets, sheets, pillow cases, cupcake pan, bundt cake pan, laundry basket, perfume/body spray, toy bucket, ice/popcicle trays, Tupperware, rope, twine, cowbells, pvc pipes (elbows, connectors, tops, etc), wind chimes.



These items add variety to our animals’ daily routine when placed in their exhibit.

Examples: Baby toys, jolly balls, boomer balls, milk crates, bird decoys, plastic mirrors, Kongs, wiffle balls, sports balls, bird feeders, kiddie pools.


Contact Gina at (719) 561-1452 ext. 107 or email at

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